DigiCabana started as an exploratory programming test - how would someone create a rich yet flexible website that can be administered by anybody. Exploration turned to obsession, which in turn fostered DigiCabana.
Digi? Digital. Cabana? Well, the name had to imply relaxation and simplicity... what better than a simple structure next to a pool? We'll admit, it's a little 'out there' as far as a name, but trying finding something that isn't taken now-a-days.
DigiCabana creates sites in two ways - main-sites and sub-sites.
Main-Sites are the root level of a site, and DigiCabana can create the root level site at your own domain (although it must be hosted on a server with DigiCabana Server Software installed).
Sub-Sites are one level in from the main site, so that one domain can have several subsites for departments, individuals, sub-organizations, whatever you can think of. There is no limit to the number of sub-sites that can be created on a main-site.
DigiCabana Websites and Software are offered exclusively through Equitek, Inc., and DigiCabana run websites can be run on any server using DigiCabana Server Software.
You can see some sites currently running our software by going to 'member sites' in the navigation menu.